Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2023
Accounting Policies [Abstract]  



Use of Estimates


The preparation of condensed consolidated financial statements in conformity with U.S. GAAP requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the date of the consolidated financial statements and the reported amounts of revenues and expenses during the reporting period. Actual results could differ from those estimates. Significant estimates include the valuation allowance on the Company’s deferred tax assets, and the useful lives of fixed assets.


Principles of Consolidation


The accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements include all of the accounts of the Company and its wholly owned subsidiary, OncoSelect® Therapeutics, LLC. All significant intercompany balances and transactions have been eliminated.


Cash and Cash Equivalents


For the purpose of the statement of cash flows, the Company considers all highly liquid investments with original maturities of three months or less at the time of purchase to be cash equivalents. Cash equivalents are stated at cost, which approximates market value, because of the short maturity of these instruments.


Concentration of Risk


The Company has significant cash balances at financial institutions which throughout the year regularly exceed the federally insured limit of $250,000. Any loss incurred or a lack of access to such funds could have a significant adverse impact on the Company’s financial condition, results of operations, and cash flow.


Advertising expense


The Company expenses all advertising costs as incurred. Advertising expense was approximately $28,000 and $3,000 for the six months and $22,000 and $0 for the three months ended June 30, 2023 and 2022, respectively.


Loss Per Share


Basic earnings (loss) per share is computed by dividing net income (loss) attributable to common stockholders by the weighted-average number of shares of the Company’s common stock, par value $0.007 per share (the “Common Stock”) outstanding during the period. Diluted earnings per share is computed by dividing net income attributable to common stockholders by the sum of the weighted-average number of shares of Common Stock outstanding during the period and the weighted-average number of dilutive Common Stock equivalents outstanding during the period, using the treasury stock method. Dilutive Common Stock equivalents are comprised of in-the-money stock options, convertible notes payable, and warrants based on the average stock price for each period using the treasury stock method.


The following potentially dilutive securities have been excluded from the computations of weighted average shares of Common Stock outstanding as of June 30, 2023 and 2022, as they would be anti-dilutive:


    2023     2022  
    As of June 30,  
    2023     2022  
Convertible preferred stock           776,871  
Shares underlying options outstanding     806,392       883,690  
Shares underlying warrants outstanding     4,649,952       2,057,740  
Shares underlying convertible notes           2,552,435  
Anti-dilutive securities     5,556,344       6,270,736  



Revenue Recognition


Revenue is generated in three ways for the six months and three months, respectively, ended June 30, 2023: (1) royalties from the Company’s diagnostic test, CyPath® Lung for approximately $8,000 and $7,000 and $, (2) clinical flow cytometry services provided to Precision Pathology Services related to the Company’s CyPath® Lung test for approximately $3,000 and $3,000, and (3) CyPath® Lung tests purchased by the U.S. Department of Defense (“DOD”) for approximately $10,000 and $10,000 for an observational study, “Detection of Abnormal Respiratory Cell Populations in Lung Cancer Screening Patients Using the CyPath® Lung Assay (NCT05870592),” and research and development on using bronchoalveolar lavage fluid as a biological sample to assess cardiopulmonary function and exercise performance in military personnel post COVID-19 infection. Precision Pathology Services, a CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified clinical pathology laboratory and our licensee, began a limited market launch in the second quarter of 2022 to pulmonologists, internists, and general practitioners in the South Texas area designed to refine future positioning and develop strategic marketing insight for our CyPath® Lung test. The services are completed upon release of a patient’s test result to the ordering healthcare provider.


To determine revenue recognition for the arrangements that the Company determines are within the scope of ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, the Company performs the following five steps: (1) identify the contract(s) with a customer, (2) identify the performance obligations in the contract, (3) determine the transaction price, (4) allocate the transaction price to the performance obligations in the contract, and (5) recognize revenue when (or as) the entity satisfies a performance obligation.




Certain prior year balances have been reclassified to conform to current year presentation. The Company reclassified patent expenses and annuity costs of approximately $101,000 and $59,000 from research and development to selling, general and administrative for the six months and three months ended June 30, 2022, respectively.


Recent Accounting Pronouncements


The Company continues to monitor new accounting pronouncements issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) and does not believe any accounting pronouncements issued through the date of this Quarterly Report will have a material impact on the Company’s condensed consolidated financial statements.