bioAffinity Technologies Presents CyPath® Technology at International Lung Cancer Conference

SAN ANTONIO, April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- bioAffinity Technologies, a privately held cancer diagnostics company, will present its proprietary technology for the detection of early-stage lung cancer at the 2nd International Lung Cancer Symposium (ILCS) in Budapest, Hungary.  Dr. Vivienne I. Rebel, Executive Vice President of Research and Development (R&D) and Chief Medical and Science Officer, will share research on the company’s CyPath® diagnostic as a novel marker for cancer.

“Our technology is a good fit for the ILCS 2016 theme of early detection.  To date, early-stage lung cancer has been very difficult to diagnose,” said bioAffinity President and CEO Maria Zannes.  “Our research shows Cypath® will prove to be a non-invasive, patient-friendly test that can accurately identify cancer cells in lung sputum in the earliest stages of the disease.”

bioAffinity’s porphyrin-based CyPath® bio-label preferentially binds to cancer cells and labels them a brilliant crimson red that can be detected by a fluorescent imaging system.

Dr. Rebel, who led her own research group at The University of Texas (UT) Health Science Center at San Antonio until she joined bioAffinity Technologies fulltime on April 4, will discuss the cancer-specificity of CyPath® and the Company’s research to develop its early lung cancer test.

“Initial studies of CyPath® labeling of deep-lung sputum showed an overall accuracy of 81%, a false positive rate of 40% and a negative predictive value of 83% based on patients at high risk for developing lung cancer and patients already diagnosed with the disease,” Dr. Rebel said.  “We have optimized the test, and we are preparing for additional studies to improve clinical outcomes.  Low-dose computed tomography (LCDT), the current standard for early diagnosis, has a false-positive rate of 96%.  The intent is to use CyPath® as an adjunct to LCDT, significantly lowering the physical, emotional and financial burden on patients.”

Dr. Rebel will present “A Porphyrin-Based Assay to Detect Early Stage Lung Cancer in Sputum” on Saturday, April 16, to lung cancer researchers and medical professionals at the 2nd annual ILCS sponsored by Pioneer Century Science (PCS).

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